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Beginning thoughts

June 28, 2009

Thus begins my first blog post on my second attempt to start a blog.  I have been farming now for nearly three months and in the intensity of the job, my personal attachment to it, and the popular understanding of it, I have been desperate for an outlet to display my thoughts, and a place for insighteful discussion.  Desperate enough to turn to the spiteful and anonymous world of the internet.  

The country seems so be a bit a-buzz with thoughts of food. Food Inc. was released a few weeks ago.  Most of my (non-farm) peers have read the Omnivore’s Dilemma.  CSA’s and local/organic seem to be a full-fledged fad movement (??).  Though it’s possible that I live amidst my own biases, these simple and anecdotal happenings seem to indicate the somethings are changing, if only in certain spheres of our society,  

Currrently, I am an intern/apprentice on a medium-scale organic farm in southern Maine, in the Mid-Coast region.  I started this apprenticeship (my preferred term – no one makes copies/coffee here!), with little knowledge beyond the very minimal basics of farming and many romanticized notions about the idyllic agricultural life.  Since starting, my thoughts on farming and food production and consumption have shifted innumerable times and currently reside in a fog of confusion.  More uncertain of most things than when I started, I believe firmly a lack of absolutes – that there is no perfect way that we can nourish ourselves.  There is no definitive solution to the “food problem,” and no inherent value to any system of food production (this is not to say that there isn’t harm done by certain other methods of production).  

Most grippingly I have become wary of food and agriculture as tied to any moral notions; it’s not that I don’t believe in more ethical and less exploitative (of land and people) forms of production and consumption, but rather that I see food, and the way that we interact with it, as I see the rest of the world – as inextricably tied to our circumstances, of privilege, of taste, of identity, and yet it’s also something so  banal and  basal as a source of energy.  Good food is a right, but it’s also one tiny piece in any puzzle formation of justice and sustainability and health.  

So, having started a number of discussions without concluding anything specific about me, this blog or farming, I will close out my first blog entry giving anyone reading this a glimpse at what future entries hold.  Check back in soon for more detailed discussion and fun.

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